How to Mix Concrete in a Concrete Mixer

Instructions on how to mix concrete in a concrete mixer.

  1. Make sure you have all your materials in the correct quantities on site
  2. Make sure you have enough fuel for your concrete mixer handy
  3. Keep your bags of cement away from moist and water by covering the bags with plastic.
  4. Load your concrete mixer by firstly wetting the inside of the drum. This makes it easier to clean the machine after use.
  5. Always add water using a bucket in order to know how much water has been added to the mixture.
  6. There is a simple rule of thumb that can be used for the formula to be used: 1:2:3 (always measured by dry volume) One part cement, two parts Sand and three parts stone. Masonry mix, of course, has no coarse aggregate and uses a better quality of fine sand in its mixture. Start by adding the sand, then a bit of water, then some cement, then some stone and then repeat this process until the complete volume has been added.
  7. Never overload the drum!
  8. Make small additions of water to your first few batches of concrete until you learn what consistency you will achieve with the different amounts of water. The mixture should be thick as this will be workable when wet and strong when dry. Don’t add to much water!
  9. Mix only enough concrete! You should be able to use this in a short period of time. Once the cement start setting you will be limited in the amount of time you have to work with the concrete.
  10. Clean equipment directly after use, and don’t leave this for later as it will become more difficult the longer you wait.
  11. Service the engine regularly and inspect your concrete mixer before each use for cracks and defects.
  12. Prevent rust by covering the drum with a thin layer of oil should you plan to store the machine for a longer period of time.
  13. Never grease the ring gear. The sand /cement and grease combine to form an aggressive grinding paste. This will cause wear to all moving parts and has to be avoided.