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Generator Basics

Generator Basics:

When selecting a generator, there are certain steps to take in order to make sure that you sell the correct product for the application. Mistakes could cost huge amounts of money to rectify at a later stage. It creates unhappiness between you and your customer. Mistakes must be illuminated if you would like to keep a sound relationship between yourselves and your customer for the sake of potential future business.

Generator Buying Tips

What Size Generator do You Need?

  1. What do you need to run during a power outage? By reducing your list of items you can save money.
  2. Some appliances require twice as much power to start up than when they run, and hence a larger generator is required. i.e.

How to Install a Generator

Installing a generator correctly is imperative. When the installation is not done correctly it could endanger lives and put property at risk. A generator should always be installed by a qualified and registered electrician. Please insist on an ECBSA or Department of Labour certified electrician. Installing the generator without a legal Certificate of Compliance issued by a qualified electrician will void the warranty as well as your building insurance.

Follow this check-list to make sure that all the correct procedures are followed.