Rhino Post Drivers

February 2016 - Johannesburg, South Africa

Turner Morris has launched a new product to their range of products, THE RHINO POST DRIVER.
The Rhino Multi-Pro™ and Fence-Pro™
These post drivers were engineered to deliver more power, required to drive large posts into the ground. These post drivers are built with the Honda GX35 engine. Their design includes an adaptor system, which in the case of the Multi-Pro™ is colour coded according to size. They come with a 60mm interchangeable chuck which expands to accommodate a range of driving profiles and adaptors of 25mm, 45mm as well as 50mm. The Fence-Pro™ comes only with a 50mm adaptor. The purpose of the adaptor is to prevent the posts or stakes from "mushrooming" whilst being driven into the ground. This innovative post adaptor system increase driving efficiency by aligning the post to its optimum striking position, they help prolong the tools life and provides flexibility to quickly adapt to different post sizes in the field. They come with rubber grips on the handles for better hand control and CIS vibration dampening.
      Fence-Pro                    Multi-Pro                   Fence-Pro                                                                           Multi-Pro
The air operated post drivers PD-55 and the PD-110 are capable of handling your toughest applications quickly and efficiently. The PD-55 is the most versatile post driver on the market, with a wide selection of adaptors and accessories available. The PD-110 is designed to handle medium to heavy duty applications it is fully capable of driving posts that other competitive systems cannot.
PD-55                                                              rhino_140_post_driver_0.jpg
               PD-55                                                     PD-110    
Who would make use of Post Drivers?


  • Agriculture
    • Tree Stakes
    • Encampments for livestock
    • Gate posts
    • Vineyard stakes
  • Erosion Control
  • Construction site fencing
  • Professional fencing contractors
  • Signage companies
    • Road traffic signs
    • Advertising signage
  • Road and rail agencies
    • Road barriers
    • Rail barriers