Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer, S-TMBSHOT

  • Engine:                                   GX160HX -6:1 reduction engine
  • Pump:                                     Gear pump with maximum delivery of 18Lt per minute
  • Lance:                                     Length - 2m with handle and shut off value
  • Nozzle:                                   2 x 65 Deg. flat spray adjustable nozzles
  • Hose:                                      3m long - oil resistant type hose
  • Wheels:                                  350mm x 100mm Rubber wheels

The TMBSHOT, for hot bitumen spraying and TMBSC, for cold bitumen spraying units are built onto a robust chassis and is ideal for all bitumen spraying conditions. Maintenance can easily be done by dismantling all working parts of the pump. The pump is fitted with a built in bypass system. This system allows the spraying function to be interrupted, or reduced at any time. The system accommodates a 210Lt drum. The hot bitumen sprayer is supplied with a gas regulator and gas carrying bottle brackets only. Both machines offer excellent manoeuvrability through a lightweight and robust design


Model Description
S-TMBSC Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer, S-TMBSC