Brick Making Machine S-TMV2LE


The Lay-as-you-go Electric Machine is ideal for small business entrepreneurs wanting to produce bricks and blocks. Multiple blocks can be produced by dropping blocks onto a level concrete slab. Machine includes 4 post mould box and tamper guide system. Electric vibrating action mould box, belt tensioner on mould box for pre-tension and set-up. Hand lift for mould box.  Push back tamper guide system for easy loading and 2 mould box feeding rake. Moulds are not included.

Motor2.2kw 380V 3 Phase motor


TypeDimensionsBricksDaily Production
4" Hollow Block390 x 190 x 9010±2800
6" Hollow Block390 x 190 x 1407±1900
8" Hollow Block390 x 190 x 1905±1400
Stock Bricks220 x 110 x 7040±11000
Maxi 140390 x 190 x 9010±2800