Compatrol® Technology, S-TMCR-6HTZCCD


The first continuous  compaction control system for walk behind soil compactors, assists the operator. A sensor installed into the base plate of the compactor, during compaction the sensor measures changes in the vibrational behaviour which relates to the soil stiffness. The result is indicated to the operator on a scale of light-emitting diodes. Should no diodes light up then the maximum compaction has been achieved.

  • Weight:                                      412Kg
  • Centrifugal Force:                        50kN
  • Frequency:                                 72.5Hz
  • Working Width:                           60x45x70cm
  • Engine:                                      Lombardini Diesel Electric Starter
  • Type:                                         15 LD 400
  • Engine Output, Max.:                   7.3kw