Contractors Rammers, S-TMCT60PH


The S-TMCT60PH has a Honda GX100 engine which is specially designed for the rammer, you will need to mix fuel and oil as with a two stroke engine.The cast aluminum throttle lever is stronger and more durable for the rammer and it is more comfortable for the operator.The big air cleaner in the crank case provides a longer life span, the two stage oil filter in the fuel tank, provides a longer life span for the carburettor.High quality German made polyurethane bellow.

  • Dimension (LxWxH):                               680 x 350 x 1030mm
  • Weight:                                                  60Kg
  • Plate Size:                                              300 x 250mm
  • Stroke:                                                   30 - 70mm
  • Impact Force:                                         9.8kN
  • Percussion/minute:                                  600 - 695/min.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:                                 2L
  • Power Source:                                         Honda GX100 4 cycle Petrol Engine 
Model Description
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