Diamond Saw Blades - Cured Concrete - TSBRN-300x10x25.4


Turner Morris Midmacor stock a wide range of Diamond Blades . We offer blades for Masonary, bricks, cured concrete, green concrete, marble and asphalt. Our Diamond Blades are of excellent quality, and we offer 115mm, 230mm , 300mm, 350mm as well as 450mm sizes. Our Diamond Blades can be used on small and large angle grinders as well as the full range of Turner Morris Midmacor concrete cutters. Our laser welded asphalt and green concrete Diamond Blades have dropped segments for a better and faster cut.

Model Description
TS-BRN350x10x25.4 Diamond Saw Blades - Cured Concrete - TS-BRN350x10x25.4