Diesel Hyraulic Concrete Mixer, (BIO750 - Without scale), S-BIO750-NSKIR


The BIO750 hydraulic concrete mixer range has a fully hydraulic reverse drum drive, pneumatic wheels and optional water meter system. Features include hopper, stabilizers and a flowmeter. An option of having a scale fitted for exact measuring giving better mixing results.

  • Drum Volume:                       900L
  • Dry Mix Input:                        750L
  • Wet Mix Input:                       500L
  • Wheels:                                 Pneumatic Wheels
  • Water Supply:                       Water Meter 
  • Discharge:                             Reverse Drum
  • Mass:                                     2100Kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):           3250 x 2000 x 3200mm
  • Drum Drive:                           Fully Hydraulic 
  • Features:                               Hopper, Stabilizers & Flowmeter             

The manual for the concrete mixers is downloadable in the documents archive for clients with a login.


Model Description
S-BIO750-NSLOM Diesel Hydraulic Concrete Mixer 900L, (BIO750 - Without scale), S-BIO750-NSLOM
S-BIO750-NSE Electric Hydraulic Concrete Mixer 900L, (BIO750 - Without scale), S-BIO750-NSE
S-BIO750-WSLOM Diesel Hydraulic Concrete Mixer 900L, (BIO750 - With Scale), S-BIO750-WSLOM
S-BIO750-WSKIR Hydraulic concrete mixer 900L, (BIO750 - With Scale), S-BIO750-WSKIR
S-BIO750-WSE Electric Hydraulic Concrete Mixer 900L, (BIO750 - With Scale), S-BIO750-WSE
CONMIX2000 ConMix 2000 Scale, 900L Hydraulic Concrete Mixer, CONMIX2000
8750611 Flowmeter, 900L Hydraulic Concrete Mixer, 8750611