Elleva Max 500 Ex, S-TMELLEVAMAX500EX


Compact, robust and modern design, the Elleva Max 500 is practical and operates quickly in handling of materials on site. This product provides great performance while reducing operation and handling time, combining the load capacity with ideal speed and safety. This is a versatile machine that is easy to install and offers excellent mobility. This machine is considered the safest in its category.

  • Lifting Capacity:                              500 kg
  • Lifting Height:                                 80 m
  • Lifting Speed:                                 25 m/min
  • Turning Angle:                               360°
  • Boom Length:                                 2.0 m
  • Steel Cable Specification:             19 x 7 AA Non Rotating IPS
  • Net Weight:                                    215 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):                2678 x 2762 x 2052
  • Motor:                                             WEG Three Phase | 3 HP | CV Brake Motor | Moto Freno | 220/380V


  • Equipped with handles for load approximation offering greater safety and comfort for the operator. The equipment is easy to handle providing the operator with more agility.
  • Elleva MAX 500 was designed to offer the user maximum in productivity. The equipment comes with an optimized tripod, the only one of its kind on the market, offering the ideal space for transporting larger loads, avoiding  contact with the fixing base. With this differential, the load can easily be brought into proximity with the operator.
  • This equipment has a Tangential fixing System, with 80m of ¼ steel cable (anti-twist) attached to the reel, enabling continous winding and thus preventing cable damaging friction. The Tangential System provides much longer steel cable life, yet another differential offered by elleva MAX 500.
  • Produced using specially selected high quality raw materials, elleva MAX 500 consists of steel plates and tubing designed for its real load. This equipment is extremely strong and robust, capable of lifting materials weighing up to 500 kg.
Model Description