Floor Scarifier - S-FR200GX


 For roughening concrete to create a key surface.

Versatile machine for any surface and coatings. Our strong and reliable MC8 scarifying machine (also called floor planner, floor scarifier, milling machine) is ideal for concrete, asphalt and steel surface. Utilizing a variety of hardened steel cutters or tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) cutters or tungsten carbide milling flails. Removing old concrete, layers of paint, caked oil, grease, traffic lane markings,chemical spillages, rust scale, encrustations and irregularities/ thermoplastics.

  • 61kg (134lbs)
  • 4.0kw (5.5hp)
  • Petrol, Honda GX160
  • 200mm Wide
Model Description
S-FR250GX Floor Scarifier - S-FR250GX