Matair Compressors 150L


The Matair compressor is a single cylinder, single stage compressor.Lubricated coaxial compressor perfect for DIY use. It has a cast iron cylinder, piston with compression rings with quick settings. The air filter is fitted to head. On/off pressure switch, pressure reducer with gauges, wheels and vibration-damping foot and drain cock. Overload protection of electric motor with manual reset.

  • Capacity:                                                      150L
  • Volts/Phase:                                                 220/1
  • Motor:                                                           3.0Hp
  • KiloWatt:                                                      2.2Kw
  • Displacement litres/min:                              385L/min
  • Displacement Cubic Feet/min:                    11.2Cfm
  • FAD Litre/min:                                             250L
  • FAD \cubic Feet/min:                                   8.9Cfm
  • Bar:                                                              8bar
  • PSI:                                                              115psi
  • Rev/min:                                                       1050rpm
  • Cylinder Formation:                                      2V
  • Weight:                                                         108Kg