Plate Compactors SC 440, S-SC440H9


The Turner Morris SC440 range of plate compactors provides the solution to all compaction requirements. Tough and durable, the effective design ensures easy handling and low operation costs.  It is a product manufactured for the local market. These machines are the best!

  • Weight:                                 133Kg
  • Dimension (LxWxH):               1000 x 1200mm
  • Base Dimension:                     500 x 450 x 16mm (thick)
  • Engine:                                  Petrol - Honda 9hp
  • Clutch:                                   Automatic Centrifugal
  • Advanced Speed:                     20M/min.
  • Vibration Unit:                        4500Hz
  • Centrifugal Force:                    20kN
  • Compactor Depth:                   400mm deep in soil 
Model Description
S-SC440H5 Plate Compactor SC 440, S-SC440H5
S-SC440DLOM Plate Compactor SC 440, S-SC440DLOM
S-SC440DF Plate Compactors SC 440, S-SC440DF
S-SC440HG Plate Compactors SC 440, S-SC440HG
S-SC440DY Plate Compactors SC 440, S-SC440DY
S-SC440K9 Plate Compactor SC 440, S-SC440K9
SC440ATT Roller Attachment for SC 440 Plate Compactor, SC440ATT