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Fire Fighter, Multi Spray Units, SPP22


The Fire Fighter without Tank is a quick filling system for the fire fighter.

SPP22/GX160 Fire Fighter, Multi Spray Units, SPP22/GX160
SPP22/G200 Fire Fighter, Multi Spray Units, SPP22/G200
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Fire Fighter, Nozzle, NOZ1160


Fire Fighter, Nozzle, NOZ1160

Spray nozzle for fire fighting for medium and low pressure fire fighters.

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Fire Fighter, Trailer Units, FFTRAILER


These Fire Fighting Trailer Units are for any 650L  fire fighters. They are custom built trailers and skid units which are available on request.

Firman Brush Cutter, S-FGT4300


The Brush Cutter is a powerful professional clearing saw used for mowing tough grass, doing clearing work and for mowing and clearing vegetation in difficult terrain.

Garden Blower


The Garden Blower is a gardening tool which is ideal for collecting dry leaves, grass remains and other debris, leaving your garden clean.

  • Upon vacuuming, the equipment crushes the debris, reducing its volume, facilitating the decomposition.
  • Simple, easy and quick to use.
  • Telescopic tube with adjustible working height.
  • Wheels to rest the product on the ground.
  • Shoulder strap.
  • Reversing lever.
  • Easy cleaning of the debris bag.
  • Brush motor. Do not vacuum solid residue, as stones, bottles, bones, etc


Garden Tillers - S-TMWM900C


Garden Tillers - S-TMWM900C

Dimension1390 x 800 x 1070mm
Nett Weight82Kg
Transmission SystemBelt Drive
Tilling Scope800 - 1200mm
Tilling Depth150 - 300mm
Efficiency666m² (depending on soil conditions)
 Max. Power3.2 KW
S-TMWM500 Garden Tiller - S-TMWM500

Handheld Electric Brush Cutter, MASTER1000


The Master 1000 Handheld Electric Brush Cutter comes with an adjustable handle, nylon thread with automatic feeder, (for cutting grass). The Master1000 is light, practical and functional. Recommended for finishing gardens, edges of flower beds, around trees, between plants, etc. Ideal for cutting grass in areas up to 50m²

Hedge Trimmer - Oleo-Mac


Electric hedge trimmers allow work to be done faster and with less effort than manual ones. Powered trimmers are generally designed with safety devices. Electrical trimmers tend to be lighter and less polluting/noisy.

JackJaw Post Extractor; JackJaw; Manual Operation


JackJaw extractors make an easy task of pulling stakes and posts, with a couple pumps of the handle, stakes and posts break loose. The jaw and lever mechanism allow you to pull stakes and posts straight up out of the ground without bending them, preserving the posts and stakes for repeated uses.

Height           74cm

Weight          12Kg 

Log Saw Grizzly 600, S-TMHGRZ600/380V




Maximum Log Diameter220mm
Cutting PositionRear
Rotor Disc Diameter600mm
Power Required3KW / 380V
Size (mm)1450 x 850 x 1110