Agricultural & Garden Equipment



The Sprayer is used for spraying herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers to agricultural crops.

Trapp Dump Cart


The Dump Cart is used for transporting cut grass, wood chips, pruned branches or cut branches, soil, top soil, compost, manure, etc. Comes with a rear door to facilitate unloading. 

Trapp Hammer Mill & Shredders (Tractor), TRF700TRACTOR


This Trapp Hammer Mill is driven by a shaft coupled to a tractor's power outlet and is used for cutting, grinding, chopping and crushing products like: foliage, sugar cane, grass, cereal husks and stripping corn, etc. This hammer mill is ideal for animal feed as well as for human consumption.


Provided With: 
1 x Hopper (22 Litres) 
5 Strainers (4 secured to the box: 0,8; 3; 5; 12mm and 1" 0" flat strainer in the shredder)


Type of HammerMovable
Number of Hammers20
Number of Blades2
Production2000 / 3100 Kg/h

          Movable Hammers     TRF700TRACTOR       

Bareshaft with Tractor Accessory

Driven by a shaft coupled to a tractor's power outlet. 

Maximum Tractor Rotation540RPM
Number of Belts4

         TRF700TRACTOR  PTO Driven    Shaft coupled to a tractor


S-TRF300GX Trapp Hammer Mill & Shredders, S-TRF300GX
TRF80G Trapp Hammer Mill & Shredders, TRF80G
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Trapp Handheld Electric Grass Trimmer - TURBOMASTER1000


The Trapp Handheld Electric Grass Trimmer is a gardening tool used for trimming, cutting and pruning of hedges or solitary shrubs and bushes. For finishing work in gardens, edges of flowerbeds, near trees, between plants and flowers, pavements, walls and other obstacles and for cutting grass in areas up to 50m².

  • Extension Cable 22cm long.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • Lock for electrical extension.
  • Nylon wire for cutting grass with automatic feed.
  • Universal motor (brushes) with double shielded bearing.
  • Light, practical and Functional.




Trapp Lawnmower Side Shoot


The Trapp Lawnmower Side Shoot is used for mowing the lawn. Recommended for medium and large areas of approximately 800m²

  • Equipped with an automatic braking system for greater safety, ignition by induction, and retractable manual start with decompressor, automatic rotation control and low noise index. New dimension to the rear wheels, greatly facilitation the mobility of the new Lawn mowers in any types of terrain.
  • Thermoplastic wheels with sintered bushing.
  • Wheel size: 
  •                 :Front 203 mm
  •                 :Rear  305 mm
  • With restricted use on uneven ground (maximum inclination 15°).
  • Ergonomic cable for greater comfort of the operator and bendable facilitating transportation and storage.
  • Steel plate base 1, 9 mm thick.
  • Equipped with BRIGGS engines, driven by ordinary gasoline (without additives).
  • Fuel consumption approximately 1 litre/h.
  • SAE 20W50 lubricating oil.
  • Execute the first change after the first 5 hours of work and the next ones every 25 hours of work, with maintenance of the air filter.
  • Special steel blade, 3mm thick with temperature by induction in the cutting edge.
  • With collection Basket of 46 litres.
  • Adjustment of cutting height in 9 positions, with and independent height adjustment system in the 4 wheels which is a single operation allows the cutting of the Lawn and the finishing at the edge of flowerbeds.
  • All parts receive anticorrosive and polymerized polyester painting in oven at 180°c, ensuring greater durability and better of finishing.
RM550G Trapp Lawnmower Unpropelled
RM90G Trapp Lawnmower

Trapp Master 3000 - Handheld Electric Grass Cutter


The Master 3000  handheld electric grass cutter comes equiped with adjustable handle and belt for using the equipment comfortably and safely. The grass cutter is ideal for cutting small shrubs and branches of up to 50mm in diameter.

Trapp Master 800 - Handheld Electric Grass Cutter


The Master 800 handheld electric grass cutter comes with an adjustible handle, nylon wire for cutting grass with automatic feed. This grass cutter is light, practical, high performance and is ideal for cutting small lawns, trimming edges, cutting around trees.



The Trimmer is a gardening tool used for trimming, cutting and pruning of hedges or solitary shrubs or bushes.

Trimmers - 611690010


The Trimmer is a gardening tool used for trimming, cutting and pruning of hedges or solitary shrubs or bushes.

Universal Chain Saw - 50189002EIT


The Chain Saw is an extremely powerful, professional heavy duty saw. It is used in activities such as tree felling, limping, bucking, pruning, to fell snags and assist in cutting firebreaks in wild land fire suppression, and to harvest firewood.  The chain saw cuts effortlessly through both soft and hard woods.