Concrete Breaking

Pneumatic Breaker Accessories Oil 5L


Using the rockdrill oil extends your equipments life and the extreme pressure performance protects against the heavy shock loads of the rock drill, minimizing wear of the rock drill piston, rifle bar and nut. It provides an adhesive film that clings to the lubricated parts. The oil helps resist the washing off by water, at the compressed air driving the piston. Excellent rust and corrosion protection prevents corrosion in the wet environments in which rock drills are typically used.  Multipurpose, can be used for the lubrication of gears, air tools, in hand oiling and for chain drives - reducing the inventory of lubricants necessary. 

    •  ISO Grade:                                                      100
    • API Gravity @ 60°F:                                         24
    • Viscosity, Kinematic
      • cSt at 40°C:                                           104
      • cSt at 100°C:                                          9.7
    • Viscosity Index:                                                 60
    • Flash Point, °C (°F):                                          191(375)
    • Pour Point, °C (°F):                                          -21(-5)
    • Recommended Operating Range, °F:              40/80
    • Consistency:                                                     stringy/tacky


The values shown are typical of current production. All of them may vary within tolerable ranges.




DEC-RT360 Pneumatic Breaker Accessories - Lubricator 360ml
GAZ-12MMPVCBARE Pneumatic Breaker Accessories - Hose BARE
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Pneumatic Breakers Accessories - Cable - DEC-3MMX300MM


To prevent serious injury due to hose or coupling failure, add a safety whip at each hose connection and from equipment to hose.

Safety 3mm x 300mm

DEC-3MMX500MM Pneumatic Breaker Accessories - Cable
DEC-4MMX700MM Pneumatic Breaker Accessories - Cable
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Pneumatic Breakers, ROCKET630




  • Nett Weight : 25Kg
  • Shank : 22 x 108mm
  • Overall Length : 650mm
  • Piston Diameter : 65mm
  • Stroke : 60mm
  • Frequency : 2000 b.p.m
  • Air Consumption : 3,04³/min
  • Hose Size : 20mm

Heavy Duty, hard hitting rock drill features high blow energy an torgue, resulting in rapid drifting, even in the hardest rock. All forged allow steel construction and a proven retention system means excellent durability and low operating costs

ROCKET650WET Hand Held Pneumatic Rock Drill