Concrete Cutting & Tile Equipment

CSP16SP/CSP18SP Self Propelled Concrete Saw

Designed and manufactured for the professional, the CSP16-SP gives you smooth and vibration-free cutting. The machine is fitted with a hydrostatic, forward and reverse transmission which allows the operator to decide, according to material and depth of cut, at what work rate he will be operating.

The finger-top control and simple operation of this machine combine to ease the task of the operator and so increase his productivity level.

CSP16/CSP18 Push Type Concrete Saw

This low cost robust machine ensures trouble free use on a wide range of applications in the cutting if concrete or asphalt. The simplicity of design and elimination of complex drive mechanisms allow for low operating cots with minimal maintenance required.

A full range of abrasive and diamond blades with a diameter of up to 450mm can be used on the machine.

Diamond Saw Blades - TS-BRN115x7x22.2 - Masonary/Clay Bricks


Turner Morris Midmacor stock a wide range of Diamond Blades . We offer blades for Masonary, bricks, cured concrete, green concrete, marble and asphalt. Our Diamond Blades are of excellent quality, and we offer 115mm, 230mm , 300mm, 350mm as well as 450mm sizes. Our Diamond Blades can be used on small and large angle grinders as well as the full range of Turner Morris Midmacor concrete cutters. Our laser welded asphalt and green concrete Diamond Blades have dropped segments for a better and faster cut.

TS-RED115X7X22.2 Diamond Saw Blades - TS-RED115X7X22.2 - Masonary/Clay Bricks

Masonry and Tile Saw, S-EDIL-JNR-PH


EDIL - Junior Petrol with water pump - Honda GX160 5.5hp

This heavy duty masonry and tile saw is for cutting of bricks, tiles, terrazzo, masonry, refactory and stone material. Itfeatures a heavy duty steel blade shaft and a flanged bearing for easy maintenance, a flooded suction water pump, a sliding table, 4 flanged bearings for easy setting and alignment, a parallel aluminium cutting guide bar, a heavy duty robust steel stand and a motor engine/motor base universal to accept petrol and electric drives. The cutting height of the blade is adjustable with a foot pedal and lock system with spring return to standard.  

S-EDIL-JNR-ES Masonry and Tile Saw, S-EDIL-JNR-ES
S-EDIL-JNR-ET Masonry and Tile Cutter, S-EDIL-JNR-ET

Professional Tile Cutter, S-TMTILE800


Professional Tile Cutter

  • Cutting length 800mm
  • Powerful high quality 3HP motor
  • Heavy duty electric water pump
  • Cutting table extends for large material on both sides
  • Any angle of bevel cutting between 45 and 90 degrees.