Concrete Mixing Equipment

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We supply a wide range of concrete mixers. Standard and heavy duty gear tilt concrete mixers 80/65 to 350/260 litres. Hydraulic and heavy duty reverse drum concrete mixers 500/230 to 750/500 litres concrete mixers.

Pan Mixer 130L, S-TMS130, Electric Mixer


Electric Pan Mixer - S-TMS130

  • Total Capacity Of Tank:                             130L
  • Capacity Of Mixing (About):                       70L
  • Power Electric Engine:                               1 Kw 0,75 HP
  • Approx. Weight with Electric Engine:         110Kg             
  • Length:                                                        85 x 85 x 104/126cm
  • Vibration:                                                     a(w) 0,80 m/s2
S-TMFCM100M Pan Mixer 100L, S-TMFCM100M, Petrol Operated

Pan Mixer 350L, S-TMPM350TE, Three Phase Electric Mixer


Three phase electric pan mixer.


Electric Motor5.5Kw
S-TMPM350D Pan Mixer 350L, S-TMPM350D, Diesel Operated

PTO Concrete Mixer 400L, TM400PTO


PTO CONCRETE MIXER - ''Run your mixer from your tractor"

Technical Specifications:

  • Total Volume:                                    400L
  • Capacity (Unmixed):                         310L
  • Capacity (Mixed):                              270L
  • Number of Cycles/Hour:                   15
  • Hourly Production:                            4.65m³/h
  • Drum Rotation:                                  30rpm (60Hz)
  • Belt:                                                    In "V" A-48
  • Drum Plate Thickness:                       2mm
  • Flywheel Protection:                          Steel Plate  

Reverse Drum Hydraulic Concrete Mixer 500L, S-BCO500DY, Diesel Operated


The 560L reverse drum hydraulic tipping hopper mixer is manufactured to the highest specifications, this is a heavy duty concrete mixer which is economical and durable for African conditions.

  • Drum Volume:                               560L
  • Dry Mix Input:                                450L
  • Wet Mix Input:                               350L
  • Power Source:                              Diesel Engine, Yanmar
  • Power:                                           13Kw
  • Max. Towing Speed:                      20Km/h         
  • Output:                                           10-14m³/h
  • Dimension (LxWxH):                      3250 x 2240 x 3200mm
  • Total Weight:                                 1840Kg 
  • Lifting Mechanism:                         Hydraulic tipping hopper

Reverse Drum with Hydraulic Hopper Concrete Mixer 500L, S-TMB1800E


The S-TMBI 800 range is intended for large building sites where high volumes of concrete needs to be produced. These mixes are fitted with a horizontal, alternating rotating drum. All models are provided with adjustible legs, road tyres and a site tow bar.

Optional: Material Weighing System.

  • Model:                                       S-TMBI 800
  • Unmixed Capacity:                    750L
  • Mixed Capacity:                        500L
  • Concrete Production/Hour:       3200 - 3500L/hr.
  • Water Tank Capacity:               100L
  • Electric Motor Rating:                7.5Hp
  • Diesel Engine Rating:                23Hp
  • Total Weight:                             1550Kg
  • Engine:                                      380V Electric Engine                        
S-TMBI800PK Petrol Reverse Drum with Hydraulic Hopper Concrete Mixer 500L S-TMBI800PK
S-TMBI800DLOM Diesel Reverse Drum with Hydraulic Hopper Concrete Mixer 500L, S-TMBI800DLOM
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Springbok Concrete Mixers 380L, S-CM25PH4, Petrol Operated, Honda Powered Engine

The Turner Morris professional line of concrete mixers are products known for high durability and excellent performance.
The Springbok concrete mixer has a capacity of 380L, this is an extra heavy duty concrete mixer, it has a discharge tilt drum and comes fitted with 4 x bogie wheels. This concrete mixer can work 24/7 for 30 years. The Springbok concrete mixer is a favourite amongst municipal departments and bigger contractors.
This concrete mixer is made in South Africa for African conditions and is the strongest concrete mixer in the market!
MotorHonda 5.5HP
Dry mix Input280L
Wet mix Output200L
DischargeTilt Drum
Dimensions1980 x 980 x 1610mm


S-CM25DLOM4 Springbok Concrete Mixer 380L, S-CM25DLOM4, Diesel Operated
S-CM25ES4 Springbok Concrete Mixer 380L, S-CM25ES4, 220V Electrically Operated
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Tilt Drum Concrete Mixer with Hydraulic Hopper 500L, S-TMCA500E, 380V Electric Operated


The drum capacity of this mixer is 500L, and is available with diesel, petrol and a three phase electric motor option. Optional material weighing system and integral generator. This model includes adjustible legs, road tyres and a site tow bar.

  • Model:                                            TMCA500
  • Unmixed Capacity:                         520L
  • Mixed Capacity:                              420L
  • Water Tank Capacity:                     62Lt
  • Electric Motor Rating:                     3Hp
  • Engine:                                          Electric 380V        
S-TMCA500PK Tilt Drum Concrete Mixer with Hydraulic Hopper 500L, S-TMCA500PK, Petrol Operated
S-TMCA500DLOM Tilt Drum Concrete Mixer with Hydraulic Hopper 500L, S-TMCA500DLOM, Diesel Operated

Towing Concrete Mixer 400L, S-TM400SITEH, Petrol Operated


The 400L Towing concrete mixer is a site towing mixer. These concrete mixers are used by large building contractors for production work. Our range of mixers are easy to handle and are low on maintenance.

  • Drum Volume:                      400L
  • Dry Mix Input:                      310L
  • Wet Mix Input:                      260L
  • Discharge:                           Tilt Drum
  • Mass:                                   275Kg
  • Dimensions:                        2897 x 1008 x 1481mm
  • Wheels:                               Solid Rubber  
  • Engine:                                Honda GX160    
S-TM400SITELOM Towing Concrete Mixer 400L, S-TM400SITELOM, Diesel Operated
S-TM400DLOMFH Towing Concrete Mixer 400L, S-TM400DLOMFH, Diesel Operated
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