Construction Machinery

Diesel Bowsers, S-DB500S


Diesel Bowsers

500 Litre Steel Tank Trailer Un-Braked
Tank with trailer only, with spare wheel & fire extinguisher (with no pump).
Tanker with hose, nozzle, 12V pump, meter, filter, Fire extinguisher, spare wheel.


S-DB1000S Diesel Bowser
S-DB1000P Diesel Bowsers, S-DB1000P
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Dumpers Self-Loading, S-TMSD30S

Skip Capacity1500L
ChassisArticulated Frame
GearboxHeavy duty 5+5 Gearbox
Bucket Tipping SystemHydraulic Tipping
Tyres4 x 12 - 16.5
Driving4 x 4
Starting SystemElectric start - 12V Battery
Turning Radius4.5m
Dimensions (LxWxH)3900 x 1800 x 2600mm
Self-Loading Capacity450Kg

Forklifts, S-TMLG25DT

Rated Capacity2500Kg
Max. Lifting Height3000mm
Fork Size1070 x 120 x 40mm
Min, Turing Radius2300mm
Rated Power36.8Kw
S-TMLG35DT Forklifts - S-TMLG35DT
S-TMLG50DT Forklifts - S-TMLG50DT

Mangote/Bitola Vibrador 26mm x 5m - CV26


Boa vibração de concreto é alcançada quando o operador nota um círculo de influência em torno da bitola onde on concreto está fluidizado, (através do qual bolhas de ar subam e o nível da superfície pode cair), Após alguns segundos as bolhas vão parar e compactação está completa.

Estas bitolas vibradoras são accionadas por unidades de gasolina, diesel eou eletricidade. O motor fornece movimento totativo, que é transmitido à cabeça da bitola através de um veio de accionamento flexível. O invólucro da agulha é feita de aço endurecido. Ele tem uma entrada elétrica baixa, alto desempenho e é confiável. Eles são leves, têm boas propriedades de aeração e prestar uma boa vibração confiável. A bitola realiza a tarefa de vibrar o ar fora do concreto recentemente derramada.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant, S-P30DX


Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

  • Type of mixer:                                              Pan Mixer
  • Vibrated Batch Capacity:                             30Cu. Mt/Hr
  • Storage Bin:                                                 0.5Cu. Mt. per batch
  • Storage Bin:                                                 Cross Bin 2 x2, 4Nos
  • Aggregate Storage & Feeding System:       Cross Bin with Pneumatically Controlled Gates
  • Aggregate Batching System:                        Independant Load cell based digital weighing system
  • Cycle Control:                                               Fully automatic with Siemens PLC & SCADA
  • Cement Feeding System:                             Feeding Screw Conveyor &  Weighing Screw Conveyor
  • Water Feeding System:                                Automatic Digitally Controlled Feeding System
  •                                                                       Automatic Digitally Controlled Admixture Feeding System 


S-P22DX Mobile Concrete Batching Plant -S-P22DX

Mortar Tub 250L , Crane-able, TMMT250C


250L Mortar Tub - Crane-able

The mortar tub is easy to clean, has a large capacity for minimal trips, is very durable, easy crane-able. TUV safety certified.

  • Dimension (LxWxH):                           1000 x 700 x 665mm
  • Capacity:                                             250L
  • Storage:                                              Nesting with Anti-jam 
TMMT750C Mortar Tub 750L, Crane-able, TMMT750C
TMMT750T Mortar Tub 750L, Teleporter, TMMT750T
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Multione 525D with Bucket

Compact Utility Machines
Multifunctional tool carriers with more than 170 attachements for Agriculture, Farming, Construction, Gardening, Green Care /Forestry/Landscaping and DIY. Our Compact Mini Loaders transforms into Mini Diggers, Mini Excavators, Trenchers, Augers,
Forklifts, Mowers, Sweepers and many more in just a few seconds.
S-630BH Multione 630 with Backhoe
S-630BT Multione 630 with bucket
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Quickstage Scaffolding


Quickstage Scaffolding can be erected to almost any height and length, it is a quick lock tube structure which supports people and materials on a construction site. This system is used in large projects and may also be used in the support of concrete shutter and formwork.

Available in the following kit format and erects to a height of 6m High x 2500 x 1219mm tower:

  • 12 x 2000 standards
  • 12 x 1219 ledgers
  • 12 x 2500 ledgers
  • 8 x connectors
  • 4 x 38 diameter hollow basejacks
  • 4 x 2500 hook on steelboards




QUICKLOCK Quicklock Tower Scaffolding
BASEJACK Basejack for Quicklock Tower
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Rotary Sieve, S-SIEVEM


The Rotary sieve is fitted with loading and discharge shoots and replaceable 8mm hard wire mesh. Sieved particle size will be approximately 7mm Ø and smaller. Production: 1,5 – 2,5 cubic meters of screened material per hour. Production will vary according to raw material type and loading rate. This machine is powered by manual hand operation.

Rotary Sieve (220V) Rotary Sieve (220V)
S-SIEVE380 Rotary Sieve (380V)

Site Chemical Toilet, 156AP


The chemical toilet is ideal for construction sites or where temporary toilet facilities are required but cannot be connected to a municipal sewerage system. This model comes with a flushing tank. 

157AP Site Chemical Toilet, 157AP
158AP Site Chemical Toilet, 158AP
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