Construction Machinery

Skid Steers, S-TMCDM307


Skid steer loader is used in narrow or constraint working enviroments which makes it suitable for agricultural, mining and the construction industries. Powerful, energy saving engine with forward, reverse, travel speed and steering controls. Comfortable cab with wide visibility.

  • Tip Load:                                                  1504Kg
  • Operating Weight:                                    2700Kg
  • Engine Power:                                         42/2600Kw
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:                                 83L
  • Hydraulic System Pressure:                     21MPa
  • Travel Speed:                                           11.5Km/h
  • Bucket Capacity:                                      0.43m³
  • Maximum Operation Height:                     3850mm


S-TMCDM308 Skid Steers - S-TMCDM308
S-TMLG3AU16 Skid Steers - Auger
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Space Heater (LPG) - S-TMBLP33E


The Space Heaters are industrial drying heaters which can dry out walls and floors and help construction companies meet deadlines. The main function of this unit is to speed up the drying time of cement floors, plastered walls, or any surface that needs to dry out before installation coverings such as ceramic tiles, carpeting or walls that require paint or tiles. A great choice for small industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. Housing remains cool to the touch, electronic flame control.

S-TMBLP53E Space Heater (LPG) - S-TMBLP53E
S-TMBLP73E Space Heater (LPG) - S-TMBLP73E
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Tipper Truck - S-TMWD615.62


Manual Operation

9 Forward and 1 Reverse

Dual circuit compressed air brake
Spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Engine exhaust brake
Cargo box16.5m³
Dimensions7680 x 2516 x 3310mm

Transporter Trailer, S-TMTRL-3,5


Multi-purpose trailer. Suitable for transporting rollers, skid steers, forklifts, etc.

Board Length4000mm
Loading Height760mm
No. of Axles2*2400Kg
Angle  of Inclination12º
S-TMTRL-1,5 Transporter Trailers, S-TMTRL-1,5

Water Bowsers, S-WB500P

500 litres water tank trailer un-braked.
Tank with trailer and spare wheel (with no pump just tap)
Tanker with 550LPM diesel Hymec pump complete with hose & spare wheel 
S-WB1000P Water Bowsers, S-WB1000P
S-WB2500P Water Bowsers, S-WB2500P