Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Ride on Sweeper Petrol - S28SNEW-A01


This Honda petrol driven, ride-on sweeper is usually recommended for medium to large areas as they have a sweeping path of approxiamately 900mm. This ride on sweeper is completely mechanical.

  • Sweeping Width:                          900mm
  • Capacity:                                      4200m²/h
  • Waste tank capacity:                    70L
  • Forward speed:                            6Km/h
  • Turning radius:                             1520mm
  • Weight:                                         336Kg
  • Dump Height:                               1310mm

Walk behind Mechanical Push Sweeper - AFM0C-07


Walk behind Mechanical Push Sweeper - AFM0C-07

Manufactured with high strength polyethylene, safe and durable, offers quick cleaning.
The push sweeper is used in parkades, malls factories, hospital passages. Excellent to pick up leaves, papers and wood shavings.
Cleans up to 2400m² an hour, (with a good operator). Side brooms are there to clean up along the sides of walls and push the dirt
to the middle of the machine where the main broom sweepe it into the top bin.
Cleaning Efficiency2400m²/Hr
Dustbin Capacity42L
Cleaning Width920mm
Dimensions1030 x 780 x 363mm
AFM-017B Walk behind Mechanical Push Sweeper - AFM0C-07B
AFM00-42B Walk behind Mechanical Push Sweeper - AFM00-42B

Walk Behind Scrubber - AFM00-52


The walk-behind floor scrubber is used to clean larger floor areas by injecting water with cleaning solution, scrubbing, and lifting the residuals off the floor. Areas used such as hard floor surfaces like malls, factories, offices and hospital. The walk behind floor scrubber is battery operated therefore no cables.

  •  24 Volt electric with Batteries
  • Built in Battery Charger
  • Scrubbing Width:                       450mm
  • Water Tank Capacity:                30L
  • Noise Level:                               70Db