Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Batteries for the SMILE70M


Batteries for the SMILE70M - quantities x 6 priced per each

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Battery for the AFM0C-09N


Battery for the AFM0C-09N. Quantity 2 x batteries, priced per each

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Battery Operated Automatic Scrubber - AFM00-17


Walk behind auto scrubber integrates washing and vacuum sucking in one action, ideal for small to medium factories or warehouses. Great for shopping centres and large office blocks. Come complete with squeegee assembly, scrubbing brushes, batteries and charger.

  • Performance:                     4000m²/h
  • Clean Water Tank:             90L
  • Dirty Water Tank:               120L


Battery Operated Industrial Floor Scrubber - AFM0C-09N


The battery operated walk behind floor scrubber is indispensable and ideal for cleaning floors, convenient and efficient  handling system as well as a large capacity water tank. The brush plate is corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. The control panel makes the operation simple and easy. Comes complete with squeegee assembly, scrubbing brush, 2 x batteries and charger.


  • Performance:                            1950m²/h
  • Brush Gear Motor:                    550 Watts
  • Squeegee Width:                      815mm
  • Working Width:                         500mm
  • Clean Water Tank:                    50L
  • Dity Water Tank:                       50L
  • Brush Rotation:                         155rpm
  • Noise Level:                              67Db   

Black Strip Pad 400mm


Our stripping pads are for use with water based floor stripping solution to remove worn and soiled floor finishes or sealers. Also used to clean heavy soiled hard surface floors, such as concrete.

  • Excellent for removing burnished floor finishes.
  • Aggressive stripping and consistant performance throughout it's long useful life.
  • Removes all finish, wax build-up and dirt down to the original surface.

Carpet Cleaner - AFM Maxi 18L - AFM00-10


The 18L Maxi is mounted on robust trolley, carpet cleaning machine, injection/extraction type. Ideal for small to medium use, home, office and hire.

  • Motor:                          1000W
  • Weight:                        18 kgs
  • Comes with:                 Vac hose, pressure hose, plastic upholstery tool, aluminium wand with poly funnel.

Carpet Cleaners - AFM MAL 50Lt - AFM00-12


Carpet Cleaners - AFM MAL 50Lt - AFM00-12

Stainless steel 50L drum mounted on robust trolley.

Motors x 21200W
Cable3 core x 8m
Solution Tank30L (fitted outside)
Recovery tank50L
Vacuum Hose3m (3m pressure hose with chrome connectors

Complete With:

  • Vacuum Hose
  • Pressure Hose
  • Aluminium Wand with poly funnel (2 jets)
  • Upholstery Tool

Carpet Extraction Sysytem - AFM0C-12

Carpet Extraction Sysytem - AFM0C-12
Through high pressure spraying, the chemical can be sprayed deeply into the carpet, which perfectly dissolves the obstinate dirt and stains.
Driven by a high powered motor the brush rotates at 600rpm. The machine's brush lifts, scrubs the fibre flocks of the carpet and sucks up
the dirt. The brush seperates the carpet fibres which results in restoring the carpets elasticity.

Clean Water Tank35L
Dirty Water Tank30L
Roll Brush Width330mm
Roll  Brush Diameter90mm
Vac Motor1000W - 220V
Airflow Rate2880 L/min
Brush Motor24VDC 140W
Spray Pump24VD 36W






Charger for AFM00-20


Charger for the AFM00-20

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Charger for AFM00-16


Charger for the AFM00-16

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