Survey Instruments

Digital Measuring Wheels - TM5500E

  • Easy to read display
  • High quality
  • large easy to read LCD display - 13mm high
  • Back light for low light conditions
  • Crystal clear in direct sunlight
Range10 000m


Wheel Circumferance1000mm
Wheel Radius16cm (add 32cm for wall to wall reading)
Weight± 1800Kg
Display Large LCD display 64(w) x 24.55(h)mm
LCD Digit6 LCD digits, each 6.5(w) x 13mm(h)
BacklightHigh brightness LED
Battery LightMinimum 5 years battery life
Part No.5500E

Electronic Theodolites


Easy to use, light weight and compact. Automatic power-off prevents unnecessary battery drainage, powered by alkaline batteries. The remaining battery capacity is indicated on the display. Easy to read display, zero set and reverse angle display. A 16 character x 2 line liquid crystal display (LCD) is incorporated on both sides of the instrument. Both vertical and horizontal angles are displayed in degrees or gon. A row of soft keys allows simple and fast operation. All models have a bright 30 x magnification telescope which enables sharp and clear images even in poor light conditions.

  • Telescope:                     
    •  Imaging:                                     Erect Image
    • Objective:                                    Aperture
    • Magnification:                             30x
    • Resolution:                                  ≤3"
    • Field of View:                             1°20'
    • Shortest Focusing Distance:      2.0m
    • Stadia Multiplication Constant:   100
    • Stadia Addition Constant:           0
  • Angle Measurement:
    • Angle Measuring Node:              Increamental rotary encoder
    • Angle Measuring Accuracy:        20"
    • Angle Display:                             10" / 20"
    • Angle Unit:                                   360° - 400G                          
  • Compensator: 
    • Tilt Sensor:                                   Automatic Vertical Compensation
    • Tilt Compensator:                         No
    • Soft Switch:                                   -
    • Compensation Range:                  ±3'
    • Display Unit:                                 Two-sided                                       
  • Optical Plummet:
    • Image:                                           Erect
    • Magnification:                                3x
    • Angle of Vision:                             5°
    • Focusing Range:                           0.5m - ∞
    • Sensitivity of Tubular Vial:             40"/2mm
    • Sensitivity of Circular Vial:             8/2mm
    • Type of Base:                                 Detachable
  • Power Supply:
    • Battery                                            4 AA- sized Alkaline Batteries
    • Duration:                                         80h
  • Ambient Temperature:  
    • For Operation                                 -20°C  -  +50°C
  • Weight:
    • Instrument:                                     4.8Kg
    • Carrying Case:                               2.5Kg
  • Measurements:
    • Instrument:                                     W168mm x L158mm x H333mm
    • Dust and Water Protection:            IP44 


Elevating Tripod

ETRP15 (1.5MM)

Elevating Tripod 1.5MM

ETRP23 (2.3MM) Elevating Tripod - ETRP23
ETRP32 (3.2MM) Elevating Tripod - ETRP32

Laser Distance Meter


You can measure distances at a touch of a button, in just a few seconds even when working on your own. Saving you time and money. The laser makes it possible for you to measure distances precisely to the millimeter. Minimum / maximum measurements tracking and storage of results make your work easier.

Laser Instruments


Laser Digital Level and Angle Ruler

LS165 is a multifunctional digital level. It can provide not only the angle measurement for a single surface, but slao the included angle measurement between two surfaces.
Laser wavelength650mm
Angle measuring range0º - 360º
Including angle0º - 180º
least Reading0.1º

2.64lbs (1.2Kg) including 3 AA batteries)

Line Lazer

  • Magnetic damping compensator to enable quick self-leveling.
  • 1H1V visible beam and 5 dot beams.
  • Automatic "out of level" alarm.
  • Built in compensator lock for safe travelling and storing
  • Receiver/detector option for outdoor or bright enviroments.
  • Working range 5 dot beams 40m radius.
  • Lines with receiver 25m
  • Accuracy 1mm/10m
  • 15mw - bright 

Measuring Wheel


Each revolution of the wheel measures a specific distance. Counting revolutions with a mechanical device attached to the wheel measures the distance directly. Surveyor's wheels will provide a measure of good accuracy on a smooth surface, such as pavement. They are often used by road maintenance or underground utility workers and by farmers for fast measures over distances too inconvenient to measure with a surveyor's tape.


Rotating Laser


Automatic red & green laser beam turns off if the laser is out of leveling range. It also has an unlevelled warning light and low battery power light. The GPR'S sealed structure makes it possible to use in various weather conditions. This machine is automatic, requires no levelling if tripod is less than 5 degrees out.

Wave LengthLaser diode, wavelength 635mm
WaterproofIP 54
Leveling AccuracyHorizontal ±20, Vertical ±20 (3mm over 30m)
Spinning Speed0, 60, 120, 300, 600 rpm
Directional scanning0º, 10º, 45°, 90°, 180°
Setting slope±5° (dual axis)
Self levelling range±5°
Measuring rangeDia. 500m (using the laser detector)
Remote controlling distanceApprox. 20m
Power SupplyDC4, 8-6V (Ni-MH, rechargeable)
Mounting thread5/8 x 11, ISO Standard
Working temperature-20°C - + 50°C (-4°F - +122°F)
TMGPR-R6 Rotating Lazer

Tape Measure - JGW-308


Tape Measure - JGW-308

These tape measures are robust and roll up smoothly, they are available in various lengths.

Theodolite - TMET-05


The electronic theodolite is a precision instrument for measuring angles in the horizontal and vertical planes. They are mainly used for surveying and have been adapted for specialized purposes in fields like meteorology. A modern electronic theodolite consists of a movable telescope mounted within two perpendicular axis's, the horizontal axis and the vertical axis. When the telescope is pointed at a target object, the angle of each of these axis's can be measured with great precision.

  • Telescope:
    • Image:                                          Erect
    • Magnification:                               30X
    • Objective Aperture:                      45mm
    • Resolution Power:                       3.5"
    • Field of View:                               1°30'
    • Shortest Focusing Distance:       1.4m
  • Simple, one-button operation
  • High impact composite housing
  • Fully sealed with inclosed head
  • Water tight for all conditions
  • Long battery life
  • H.I. (Elevation) Alert protection
  • Low battery indicator
  • Optional alkaline or NiMH batteries
  • Class 1 Laser Product