Welding Equipment

We supply a wide range of welding equipment from welding helmets, welding generators to welding inverters.

Engine Driven Generator-Welders, CABLEKITRT


Optional Welding Kit available - not included with welder.

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Engine Driven Generator-Welders, S-HWS200L


The Engine Driven Generator-Welders can be used for general job type welding. It can be used for producing burglar proofing, steel gates fencing, steel furniture, etc.

Generator - Welder Midmacor


The Midmacor Generator - Welder this is an electric start welder and generator which can be used simultaneously.

Oil Bath Welder


The Oil Bath Welder is used for welding and cutting of various materials and is oil cooled.

WBP200/100H13, Engine Driven Generator-Welders


The Engine Driven Generator-Welders have a 100% duty cycle. It is a simultaneous welding and electricity generator-welder.

Welding Helmet


The Auto Darkening Welding Helmet  can be used to protect the eyes when using the welder.