Log Saw Grizzly 600, S-TMHGRZ600/P


Log Saw Grizzly 600 - S-TMHGRZ600/P


Maximum Log Diameter220mm
Cutting PositionRear
Rotor Disc Diameter600mm
Power Required5KW / Petrol
Size (mm)1450 x 850 x 1110

Midmow Domestic Lawn Mower


The Midmow Electric Lawn Mower comes with adjustible handles for easy transportation and storage. We recommend it for cutting grass in medium to large areas. This lawn mower is both practical and efficient.

Mobile Wood Chipper - S-TMHTP175


Mobile Wood Chipper - S-TMHTP175

Maximum Log Diameter175mm
Cutting Angle90°
Rotor Disc Diameter600mm
Chip Length4-12mm
MotorLombardini, 35HP
 4 cylinder, water cooled
Warrenty/Standards36 months warranty/CE Certified

Mulcher - S-TMHTVS150


Mulcher - S-TMHTVS150

To much pruning's and cuttings for quicker composting
TypePTO Skid Steer driven
Hammer TypeFloating Hammers
No. nof Hammers40
PTO Speed Required540RPM/1000RPM
Working Width1500MM
Power Required60-75KW / 80-100HP

Post Driver, Multi-Pro, GPD-45

The RHINO® Multi-Pro™ is engineered with increased driving dynamics needed to drive larger posts and versatility to take on more post driving applications. The design includes ergonomically balanced cushioned grip handles, Rhino® CIS™ anti-vibration dampening, Rhino Tension Grip™ crankcase cover for fast inspection and maintenance, and the Rhino® Chuck-Lok™ Adaptor System that allows the operator to quickly install post adaptors in the field, ranging in application from 25mm to 60mm round posts. Petrol powered Honda 35cc, 4stroke engine.
The Multi-Pro™ versatile external chuck design can be configured for driving 635g channel post, tent stake, or 44mm to 45mm square sign post and square post sign anchor with a drive cap. Weighs 20Kg.
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock
  • Sign Installation
  • Fence Installation
  • Landscape
  • Electrial Utility
  • Ground Rod Installation
  • Much more


Post Driver; Fence-Pro; GPD-40

The RHINO® Fence-Pro™ is engineered to deliver more power to drive larger posts. This is the first choice for fence contractors.
The design includes a 60mm chuck equipped with RHINO® Chuck-Lok™ Adaptor Technology. This innovative post adaptor system increases driving efficiency by aligning post to optimum striking position, prolongs tool life, and provides flexibility to quickly adapt to different post sizes in the field. The Fence-Pro™ comes with a 50mm adapter. Optional 36mm and 25mm adapters are available. Petrol powered by Honda 35cc,
4 stroke engine.
The Fence-Pro™ is the perfect tool for post driving tasks across several industries such as erosion control, agricultural, livestock, professional fence contractors, sign installation, rental tent installations and many other installations.
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock
  • Sign Installation
  • Fence Installation
  • Landscape
  • Electrical Utility
  • Ground Rod Installation
  • and many more 


Post Drivers; S-PD110

The S-PD110 is a powerful performer. Often referred to as the guard rail driver, the S-PD110 is fully capable of driving posts that other competitive systems cannot. The S-PD110 is ideally suited to drive guard rail posts, heavy line posts, corner posts, dock piles, wood posts, heavy gauge aluminium posts and fence posts from 50mm to 101mm in diameter.
Air Consumption: 64 CFM@ 100psi (1.81m³/min @ 6.9Bar). Approximate weight 62Kg.


Post Drivers; S-PD55

At just 24Kg, the brutally tough S-PD55 is capable of handling your toughest applications quickly and efficiently. The S-PD55 is ideally suited for driving T-posts, ground rods, tent stakes, grape vine stakes and fence posts up to 95mm.
Air consumption is 42 CFM @ 90psi (1.19m³/min @ 6.21 bar)  

Post/Stake Extractor; S-MP3, Manual Operation


The S-MP3 is capable of pulling the toughest posts. This puller is phenomenal strength to weight ratios. At 19Kg, the S-MP3 is easily field portable and is equipped to meet most pulling needs. The S-MP3 is simple to operate and is built with high grade materials. This unit is nearly indestructible and will provide decades of service.

Height                   1.04m

Base                     241 x 304mm

Handle Length        1.52m

Weight                   19.71Kg

PTO Wood Chipper - S-TMHTP200PTO




Maximum Log Diameter  200mm
Cutting Angle90º
Rotor Disc Diameter760mm
Chip Length0 - 10mm
Tractor Required30-85kw / 40-115HP
PTO Speed Required540 RPM / 1000RPM
Capacity6 - 18m³/hr