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Dec 12, 2023 | News

Core drilling equipment from Turner Morris

Core drills are used to create holes or removing sample cores from concrete by utilising  a specialized drill fitted with a core drill barrel.

Core drilling machines which are able to produce precision  holes up to 900mm by using a cylindrical hollow drill, bit fitted with industrial grade diamond teeth. These drills are available as handheld units or stand mounted units. To drill efficiently, the drill motors need to spin at specific RPM ranges,as drilling with a larger barrel at high speeds will not decrease the drill time, but it will glaze the drill bit segments.

Handheld Core Drills

Handheld core drills can produce holes up to 160mm. These drills do not require a drill stand and are commonly used by electricians, plumbers, and building contractors.

Rig-Mounted Drills

Drill stands need to be used when drilling holes larger than 160mm as the drill must be stabilized during the cut.The drill stand will be fixed to the surface with an anchor bolt, or vacuum fittings for the drill stand. A vacuum fitting is used to secure the drill rig if the surface surrounding the  area where the hole is to be drilled, needs to be protected – for example when drill a hole on a titled surface.



Core drilling can be performed horizontally, vertically or at an angle makiing it adaptable to various projects and applications, perfect for creating openings in concrete or to extract cores for sampling.

Quality Features of a core drilling machinesl to look out for.

Soft -start for the motor.

Core drilling machines need powerful motors that initially draw a lot of current in the startup phase. Quality core drills are fitted with a soft starter, which reduces the current and torque required in the starup phase. The soft starter offers a gradual increase in the voltage preventing dips in line voltage and protecting motor. Core drills fitted with soft start motors can be run from much smaller generators than core drilling machines which are not fitted with a soft start.

Switch Reluctant (SR) Motors.

Switch Reluctant motors are novel high-performance motors that do not require carbon brushes to function. The SR motor is completely sealed which allows for inverted drilling without the need for water collection rings. The SR motors also incorporate an electronic gear box allowing for 18 different gears to be selected. This allows the drill to spin at the exact speed required for the cut.

Leveling Assistance

Two integrated levels assist in making the job of levelling the core drill easy.

Tough Design

Core drills need full metal housing, gears with oil bath lubrication, and clutch overload protection to ensure that they standup to the tough conditions on site and the rigorous drilling process.

At Turner Morris you can purchase German manufacturered range of Weka core drills and drill stands

TMDK1603   – hand held, 2000watt drill suitable for holes up to 160mm

TMDK32 – rig mounted drill, 3200watts suitable for holes up to 350m.

TMSR38 – premium product ,3700 watts suitable for holes up to 400mm

The TMSR38 is:

  • Very powerful, water-cooled SR-motor; low in maintenance, due to no carbon brushes and turning windings
  • Has 18 finely matched steps for a perfect adjustment of the revolution spee
  • High performance – compact design, low weight
  • 3-speed-gear with oil bath lubrication, oil pump and high-duty overload clutch
  • Splash water–proof according IP 55, ready for drilling overhead without any further precautions
  • Simple to use keypad and display, showing drilling diameter and error analysis.
  • Soft turn – screwing speed for easy assembling of the bit


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