Turner Morris


Total Station GP-215 Bluetooth Enabled Turner Morris


Turner Morris


R78407,26 incl.Vat





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Additional information

Attribute 1

Removable SD card slot

Attribute 2

Large internal memory of 5,000 points

Attribute 3

High accuracy of 2Inch

Attribute 4

Long Prism-Less range of 500m

Attribute 5

2 Year guarantee

Attribute 6

Effective Aperture: 45mm

Attribute 7

Resolving Power: 4Inch

Attribute 8

Field of view: 1 30

Attribute 9

Minimum Focus: 1.5m

Attribute 10

Distance Measurement: 1P 1.3km, 3P 2.0km

Attribute 11

Accuracy: 3mm +2ppmXD5Inch

Attribute 12

Distance Reading: Feet or Meter options

Attribute 13

Measuring Speed: 0,4sec ~ 1,8sec

Attribute 14

Maximum Display: 999999.999m

Attribute 15

Prism Constant: 0mm / 30m

Attribute 16

Minimum Reading: 5Inch

Attribute 17

Sensitivity of Vial bubble: 30Inch/2mm

Attribute 18

Circular Vial/bubble: 8/2mm

Attribute 19

Vertical tilt sensor: Yes

Attribute 20

Type: Electronic

Attribute 21

Plummet: Laser or Optical

Attribute 22

Display: Dual Face

Attribute 23

Data Port: RS-232

Attribute 24

Memory Points: 5000 points

Attribute 25

Power Supply: Rechargeable Batteries

Attribute 26

Operation: +/- 10 Hours

Attribute 27

Dimensions: 190x210x350mm

Attribute 28

Weight: 6kg